Trump says Bible is his favorite book, but declines to share favorite verse

Washington (CNN)Donald Trump regularly tells crowds that his memoir is only his second favorite book.

His first? The Bible.

“As much as I love ‘The Art of the Deal,’ it’s not even close,” he said Friday. “We take the Bible all the way.”

But when asked Wednesday on Bloomberg’s “With All Due Respect” to share his favorite verses, Trump, a Presbyterian, was not as direct.

“I wouldn’t want to get into it. Because to me, that’s very personal,” he said. “The Bible means a lot to me, but I don’t want to get into specifics.”

Trump, who once referred to communion as “my little wine and my little cracker,” was asked if he prefers the New or Old Testaments.

What do you guys think about the role religion is playing in this presidential campaign? 

10 responses to “Trump says Bible is his favorite book, but declines to share favorite verse

  1. Religion in this election cycle may play a more significant role than in recent history. The eroding of our moral fibers in this country has awakened the silent majority, who may effect the results of this coming election by demanding we elect a president with strong Judeo-Christian religious convictions. Commenting on Trump specifically, if he would of began quoting Bible passages, the media would have touted him as a Bible thumping radical.

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  2. Trump obviously wants to win over the Evangelical Christian vote, but fails to realize how unconvincing he is. It is nearly impossible to believe that Donald Trump believes in a higher power that isn’t himself.

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  3. Trump is very blunt in some of his speeches, and every now and then he will quote the Bible to sway some of his votes. He uses it as a strategy. However there are some voters that just don’t take him seriously when he does quote the Bible, because of his past record of him being very arrogant and portraying him self as a higher power.


  4. I do not believe that in Trumps political campaign religion can truly be playing any sort of important role. In my own opinion and the way I feel when I am listening to him speak, of religion specifically, I feel like its a joke. I can not imagine that he, or any other individual is taking what he says seriously. The vagueness of his answers and the dettached form in which he referes to religion should be enough to prove that he does’t seem to know what his stance actually is.
    That being said, I also understand that there are people in support and agreement with Trump and who understand his form of expression. I am sure there are plenty of individuals that admire his religious outlook and feel the same as he and that is where he will get support from. But I do not think that his religious stance is going to do all that much for him in the end.


    • I agree with you.
      in my opinion, his way of expressing himself is childish and selfish. his attitude says a lot about the way he thinks of others that just anything that he claims is nonsense to me.


  5. When it comes to Trump the only god he worships is Money. Trump only said his favorite book was the bible because his publicist told him it would raise the polls. However, its hard to imagine someone that speaks so much hate into existence reads the bible. Actually, he could be reading the bible but I doubt its to have a better relationship with God.


    • I totally agree with you. He is a rich politician and all politician only care about votes. They just want to win and sit in the white house. It is the reason they talk negatively about other party.


  6. In my opinion, Trump should not be mentioning the bible at all. All Trump does is belittle people. I think he was just trying to gain more fame and raise the polls. He even declined to share his favorite verse. That should say enough.


  7. Religion’s role in politics is primarily as a tool to gain voters (during elections), and gain approval for legislation proposed only to further oppress and complicate the lives of minorities. This article is an example of how politicians will use religion to obtain support. People generally consider religion to be a significant part of their lives, so politicians such as Donald Trump will conveniently claim they love the Bible to attract votes while clearly disregarding the values upheld by the sacred text.


  8. Donald Trump is a contracting man along with most politicians. This is just a strategy to gain more votes. He probably doesn’t even know a bible verse that’s why he didn’t want to get into specifics.


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