Yeezus or Jesus?

Great analysis Stelzon. I enjoyed reading your post. You bring up cardinal issues with the usage of religious titles in pop culture, and how these titles empower the artist to push certain messages. Self-proclamation is not a humble way to achieve upper mobility of any sort, and humility is a characteristic that is most cherished in many, if not in every religion. However, interestingly enough prophets often are self-proclaimed connecting their authority directly to a numinous or sacred experience that revealed to them a message from God/Deity/the Devine. Has Kanye ever talked or sung about receiving a message or a call to save hip hop? Thoughts?
In your inquiry about the future of Kanye West, it is interesting to think about how this self image of being “Yeezus” and “savior” will influence his decision to run for presidency in 2020.

This also shows how malleable religion is to the point where it is absorbed and appropriated in a music genre such as hip hop.

Great post Stelzon!

What you didn't learn in religion class

(Photo by Christopher Polk/MTV1415/Getty Images) (Photo by Christopher Polk/MTV1415/Getty Images)

Kanye West is nominated the Vanguard Award for the MTV Video Music Awards of 2015. As he walks on stage after winning the award for having one of the most successful music careers, he stands on stage speechless for what seems to be about two minutes. The crowd is cheering, everyone is on their feet clapping, and after minute or so, the auditorium starts shouting, “YEEZUS! YEEZUS!”

Kanye remains silent for a few moments while accepting his praise and finally shouts, “listen to the kids!”

As a fan of Kanye, I was very happy to watch him receive the Vanguard Award of 2015. But, as a person with religious beliefs, I often feel my faith being challenged while being a Kanye West fan. Kanye has grown the reputation as the artist with the biggest ego, and after his collaboration album (Watch the Throne, 2011)…

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