This cross has run in my boyfriend’s family for generations. His mother hung it on his rear-view mirror the day he started driving; “To protect you” she had said to him.
The cross is an interesting symbol of both violence and faith, and is most widely known as a symbol of Christ’s suffering and death. Salvation is another concept tied to the symbol of the cross, as well as the essence of Christ’s victory over sin.


2 responses to “MEGAN PROJECT: Car Cross

  1. Leslie, what a coincidence! My mow would always tell me to cross myself before l would go anywhere. It’s been such a habit, that l do it before l leave my home everyday. On the rosary note, l did my communion when l was 8 years old, in 3rd grade and l received a white/gold rosary that still at 22 years old it is hung on my bed side. I try to always have it as close to me as possible!


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