Black Robe – Movie Review

I believe this movie was very enlightening. It opened my eyes to the way that some other religions see christianity and how much a priest had to go through with all the hatred and threats that were brought to his attention throughout the whole movie.
The Natives saw the french as worthless individuals, specifically, they saw Father LaForgue as a demon with a black robe. They did not care so much for their practices, in fact, they thought of their prayers as spells most of the time since it was spoken in a different language.
The Natives were sent on this Huron mission with Father LaForgue because he is determined to convert them to Christianity. Daniel, which is just a boy who accompanied the Father on the trip, associated himself more with the Natives so he began to understand why they have such a difficult time believing the same things as the Christians. The main difference between both beliefs are that Christians pray to their God for answers, or they are determined that God has a plan for them. The Natives are usually very independent and violent, they are willing to fight their enemies in time of need.
We see that Daniel has a stronger connection with the Natives once they decide to abandon Father LaForgue and travel back to where they came from rather than continue to the Huron mission and also because he falls in love with the daughter of the chief. Soon enough, they went back for Father LaForgue and kept their initial promise, however, they did experience an attack from the Iroquois which caused them more than half of the people that they were traveling with. The Chief, his daughter, Daniel, and Father LaForgue were the only ones remaining, were tortured, and imprisoned by the Iroquois until they managed to escape in the middle of the night.
After losing the Chief along the way and ending their journey, they finally arrived to the Huron mission and Father LaForgue notices how empty it is. There, he becomes acquainted with another priest that explains how the entire area was struck with a vicious disease and its people were dying out.
I enjoyed the end of the movie in particular because the Natives realize that Father LaForgue is actually not a demon but a real man, thus they are willing to be baptized by him in hopes that they will be cured of the disease. Both the Natives and Christians obtained different styles of religious practice. We see in the beginning of the movie where the Natives are having a ritual as they are being introduced to Father LaForgue, whereas Christians read a bible and do the sign of the cross. These are both considered sacred practices for each religion.
Since the movie ends pretty abruptly, you need to rely on the brief summary at the end where it explains what happened 15 years later. I don’t think its fair that most of the Natives were killed off by the Iroquois; They decided to stop fighting back and convert to a different faith so in my perspective, the Iroquois either disagreed severely or just took advantage of the fact that the Natives were no longer willing to fight back.
All in all, i thought the movie was very informative and gave us a taste on how judgemental some people really can be about a different religion or how far someone is willing to go to change your outlook on certain beliefs which is something we can relate to during this time in our lives.

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