Black Robe – The Sacred & The Holy

  • Throughout the movie, Father Laforgue and Daniel developed different views about the Natives and their beliefs. Daniel wanted to learn and understand the Natives. He understood and respected that they had their own ideas of what their afterlife will be like. Father Laforgue only believed that his God was the only God, and that there was only one paradise. He wanted the Natives to convert and accept Jesus.
  • The Natives see the French as demons, they are consumed with evil. The French see the Natives as savages and uncivilized human beings.
  • The colonizers sacralize the “New World” by building a church and planting a wooden cross in the ground creating a scared space. The French feel that they are safe and protected when viewing the cross that represents the son of God.
  • At the beginning of the movie it is important for Father Laforgue to convert as many Natives as possible because it was his duty as a priest. As the movie progresses, Father Laforgue has grown to love and care for the Natives. When a Native was killed or when something tragic was going to occur, Father Laforgue always does a prayer and asks God to protect them.
  • The priests were involved in the enterprise of colonization because the “New World” was filled with evil and they believed that priests will keep them safe. They represent a holy figure and a protector. The French were entering a dangerous and unknown territory, they needed to believe that God was watching over them, thus having the priest in their presence made them feel at ease.

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