Stefano Parodi/Black Robe

This movie is very intriguing, in how the author is able to put different perspective and ideas within the characters. Father Lafourgue, a priest- is going on a journey were he wants to convert indians to the religion of christianity. Daniel, another character embarks on this journey with Lafourgue because he “wants some adventure” but during this journey many things start becoming clear to him. To Lafourgue the idea that indians believe in afterlife is very ignorant, little does he know that for him to think that is very ignorant itself. It is made clear that Daniel has is a more open minded person, stating ” is it any harder to believe than a paradise where we all sit in clouds and look at god” . Lafourgue and Daniel part ways; Lafourgue ends up reaching the Heron and convincing him and some of his people that if they turn into christianity, they will be able to pray to end diseases and death, in the end the Heron and the people end up slaughtered because of the fact that they turn into christianity. ‘The new world” is sacralized with the idea that there is a god, “Christianity” and that within that power of god, one is able to do anything as long as prayers are made.


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