Importance of the Decor


This picture might look different, due to how l took the photograph. I was actually standing on a chair to take a good glimpse and snap the shot. It’s a set of keys right in front of my front door in my home. Recently, l became independent and decided to be on my own and rented my own little space. My parents became very proud of me and supported me all the way. As everyone might know, living with your parents, give them the control and more of a voice to say whatever they want in their own home. The purpose of these keys, was for l to have my own proper voice in my own home. For instance, when my mom gave me this as a decor to place on the very top, in front of my door, l didn’t understand why. The keys symbolize power, authority, and a voice. She told me it was important to have boundaries in my home, and to take control of everything that happened inside and outside. Since the symbol is power, l consider it being strong for anything that might happen. Life give us difficult obstacles to overcome, and in that moment we think there is nothing we can do to obtain it. When you are strong, and stand up for what you want in life, you can overcome everything. Later around the same month l had left my parent’s home, l walk inside my parent’s house and to my right hand side, there was a huge dark wood key hung on the wall. I finally knew how important it was to her, and now to me.


One response to “Importance of the Decor

  1. this is such a beautiful post because it represents something that you value in your life. I believe religion is a doctrine that gives you the ability to have faith and hope and keeps you standing tall. Being independent is a huge step and accomplishment that a lot of people are scared to do. but with that bit of faith and hope that religion gives us it can help us achieve anything we set our minds to.


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