Megan Project: Love Cross


My mom was asking me to move some stuff out of her room and I noticed that she had this cross. She had got it as a wedding gift from my dad when they got married, she says that “the cross helps unite us as a family, it helps heal us when we are sick, and shows us the light when we can’t find an answer”. Love is what holds us together in dark times.

2 responses to “Megan Project: Love Cross

  1. This is a great example because not only is it a cross which symbolizes Christianity, it also is about love. Many people do not realize that the main basis of almost every religion is to learn how to love one another, including yourself, unconditionally. Most get caught up in finding the differences between religions when most of the time there is always a reoccurring theme of love.


  2. Reblogged this on stephanyquiroz and commented:

    Woah, I thought this wedding gift couldn’t be more romantic and it symbolizes that the cross brings them a healthy relationship, and allows them to overcome any hardship together as a family.


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