MeganProject – Garden Angels


This is such a common garden décor that I honestly don’t stop and notice that it represents holy angels. Today I was helping a family member move out and I ran into a couple of angels in her balcony, I asked her why did she have so many? she responded “so the angels can guide me through life.” Something so simple as garden décor has become an object of holiness. As the Christian that she is angels represent guidance aswell as messengers of God. In my perspective religion is all around us because we live in a society that we’re free to express ourselves. Its amazing how we let a lot of these little details pass us by because we’re so used to recognizing the basic things.


One response to “MeganProject – Garden Angels

  1. This is something so beautiful because l see this all around where l live. Everywhere l drive to, l see these angels decor all over. Either in the front yard, or in their porch. It has a amazing message according to your neighbor, that the angels protect her. Maybe, almost everyone that have that in their homes, think the same. Beautiful post!

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