The Megan Project: Nativity Set

The gathering of the birth of Jesus Christ.

The gathering of the birth of Jesus Christ.

I visited my grandma last weekend in Palm Bay, Florida and of all the sculptures I asked her about that she had around her house, she eventually showed me this one. It was placed in a closet in her bedroom. She told me that she’s had this nativity set ever since she left Honduras back in 2001 to come to the United States. My grandmother is a Christian and she believes that the resurrection and birth of Christ is one of the most amazing and important stories in the Bible. She said that when she left Honduras, she only took three changes of clothes and the nativity set wrapped up in delicate wrapping paper in a box because she believed that this set is what would keep her moving forward in her times of hardships, because ever since her mother gave it to her it has been her taboo and her place of comfort when shes distressed or needs to find answers. She feels that this sculpture with everyone witnessing the birth of Christ is struck with wonder, surpise, enlightenment, happiness, awe, shock, and every emotion that we can think of because it was a very emotional time for everyone who witnessed Jesus’s birth, that she believes that all these emotions can be turned and cconcentrated into one when one is having trouble or sadness in life. Everytime she comes to pray and looks at the Nativity set, she see’s how beautiful and overpowering it is, that life can be such a  blessed and prepossesing thing, she realizes that she should cherish life every second including the good times and the bad.

– Stephany Quiroz


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