The Sacred and The Holy Group

Sacred Time Discussion Question:

Which method do you believe should be established in synagogues during Rosh Hashanah? Why?

Here is the link to the my current event for more information.

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4 responses to “The Sacred and The Holy Group

  1. Buying your day of rest? I really don’t think that that is fair, most people don’t have the money to afford a regular vacation. The synagogues should hold regular services, and maybe host a fundraiser.


  2. While I understand the side of the argument that thinks it’s unfair, I don’t see that much of a problem with it. If someone loves to skateboard, is it unfair for them to buy a skateboard? Should it be given to them because they like to skateboard? I see this “vacation” of sorts as the same way. If you are passionate about something in this day and age you have to be prepared to shell out when need be.


    • I agree with your point of view, since, according to the article, synagogues now ask Jews to pay what they can. When we are invited to someone’s home it’s a proper gesture to bring a gift to give thanks and I believe that the Jews shouldn’t have the mindset of “pay to pray” but more towards giving what you can to contribute in a nice celebration for all the people that share your faith. Though, I would’ve disagreed if the amount was still outrageous, because then that would hinder others from celebrating and to me that is considered unfair.


  3. I believe that the synagogues is just another way of separating the poor from the rich which is totally unacceptable by all religions. I see this disrespectful for the jewish religion, plus America instead of giving millions of dollars every year to the state of Israel that is using this money to do wars and kill people, give this money to the true Jewish people that go to pray and celebrate rather than letting them pay for their religious activity that is a right for everyone the poor and the rich.


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