On Wednesday’s I have a long day on campus which allows me to see a lot of people. On my way from class I ran into this girl that had this shirt on. The quote reads “This shirt is illegal in many nations” with a Red Cross on top.

After taking her picture I began to wonder why her shirt would be illegal in most countries and began to research countries with strict governments. I was amazed at the results at how many policies and regulations this simple grey shirt that most of us here in America wouldn’t even take a second look at had violated.

In countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, their governments are religious base. Forbidding antigovernment propaganda. But surprisingly the quote would be one of the minor offenses that this shirt violates if being seen on a woman as here in the picture. Both counties have strict dress codes for women which would prohibit her from even leaving her house with this on. And if in some act of rebellion she does manage to leave her and her family would face prosecution and possibly jail for speaking out against the government.

China is one of the most economically valuable counties worldwide, even though they allow visitors from many walks of life into its borders, it is still a communist country. They strictly monitor Internet use and fashions throughout the country. As well as forbid any antigovernment propaganda. Any of these acts along with others could result in fines, jail, and even torture. If we were in China this post alone could result in both me and the young lady being jailed and persecuted.

Finally, Singapore, a country I have on my wish list to visit, has one of the strictest governments worldwide. Ranging from heavy fines for simple things such as spitting, smoking, wearing a dress that is to short, or a t-shirt that depicts western urban culture, all the way to being persecuted for speaking out against the government in any way. Because this country is small in size the government has no problem tightly upholding the rules and regulations of the land.

These countries along with many others have religious beliefs so tightly tied into their government systems that media and fashions like the one above are consider illegal. After reading and learning about these governments, it made me realize how we as a western community take for granted our freedom of speech, religion, and the equal rights we do have today.


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