Black Robe Movie Review

This was another very interesting movie to watch. I noticed at the beginning of the movie that the Native Americans had similar religious traditions with the French. The first thing I noticed was that when the priest was being dressed for the French ceremony, the movie had showed that the chief of the tribe was doing the same thing. Another thing I noticed was that both the French and natives chanted songs during their ceremony. It’s actually ironic actually how different the natives are from the French even though the basics of both religions are basically the same. I understand that the French are trying to convert the natives to make them less violent then they are, but why not just leave the natives alone and just let them be themselves. Parts of this movie were very funny, the natives were quite the comedians. They constantly joked about how the French worship a clock that dings and how Father Laforgue was a “demon”. Most of the natives didn’t like him too much, because he kept questioning their views. To be honest I don’t think Daniel was much help seeing as he was always off somewhere with the native girl.


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