Black Robe Movie Review – Denise Gonzalez-Abreu

Set in 1634, the Black Robe explores a time where the contrast of religion in the world is something of absurd nature. Guided by a group of natives to explore the lands of Quebec, Cananda, Father Laforgue and his french men set their eyes on the change. Father Laforgue and Daniel, who were chosen to lead the expedition, aim to reestablish the land for the purposes of embedding the Jesuit mission into the Natives and their culture. Conflict arises when the Natives begin to believe that Father Laforgue, in his dominant and forceful ways, must belong to some sort of demon or form of sorcery. This is where we truly begin to see the differences between the french and the natives. The french view their God is this distant celestial form; a God who is all perfect. In this belief, Laforgue find himself aiming for this unreachable standard of life. He is in constant repression towards his natural human state. On the other hand, the natives, who idolize the God of the forests, are in full acceptance of their human nature. They believe it to be the way they were created.

I find it quite comical how the two religions in this movie are perceived in this dramatic state of either total domination or total freedom. In actuality, the two collide in more ways than one. This vertical aspect of God being so unattainable and perfect, is an unreachable approach to understanding God. On the other hand, God being so in tune with human nature that He is all that we are, is placing God in the state mere human. I believe that God, while reigning in the celestial kingdom, also inhabits our world and exposes himself through nature and the beauty of His creation. This movie has allowed me to explore these thoughts based on the collision between different religions and their views. It is a movie that will cause you to think about the future or religion as well as its historical backgrounds.


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