Black Robe Review: Karl Magalaman

“Black Robe” is a 1991 film that takes the viewer back in time to witness the tale of the first contacts between the Huron Indians and the Jesuit missionaries who came to convert the Indians to Catholicism, but caused the Indians to be in the picture when the enemies of the missionaries came along.

During the process of when the Jesuits were trying to convert the Indians to become catholics, both parties formed prejudice against each other. The Jesuits viewed the natives as savages needing to be saved while the natives viewed the Jesuits as superior demons who took control over the Natives’ lives. Because of this, it is apparent that both cultures are very different and tend to clash religiously.

In a scene where a Jesuit priest was talking to the Natives about the benefits of switching to catholicism because of how great heaven would be, the Natives are way too naive about that concept because of their beliefs that are already in their mind, which caused laughter amongst them. The Jesuits constantly met resistance while trying to convert these “savages” to the Christian faith. In other words, it was a lost cause to try and explain the benefit of the Catholic religion to the natives who already have their own religious history which is incompatible with that of the Jesuits religious history.

Overall this movie was very beautiful in picture and all the subtle details that the director placed into it along with solid acting made it a gorgeous watch.

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