Islamic Mosque- Omalys Morales

I believe that the Islamic Mosque should be built. I do not see why this mosque project should be turned against. Just like there are Christian churches in that area then the mosque should be built. I feel like many people are seeing this as replacing what happened in 9/11 or being some sort of irony. However, it will be built two blocks away from the site so I do not see how it can interefere with the 9/11 site. The ones who hijacked the plane were extremists and those muslims who do good should not be punished for what they did. We cannot stereotype a certain religion because a group did something wrong. I find it selfish if this project is not allowed. We live in a free country and that is how it should remain. I am sure that they did not intend to put the mosque in that specific area, but maybe it was the only available location.

2 responses to “Islamic Mosque- Omalys Morales

  1. In my opinion I believe the mosque should be left alone. I completely empathize with those who lost friends and loved ones on 9/11 but you cannot blame the actions of a group of extremists on an entire religion. Americans need to educate themselves before making such drastic assumptions. Not all muslims are terrorists.


  2. I completely agree with you, they should have the right to build it, and of course if it was on the area where 9/11 took place, then it wouldn’t be right, bit two blocks away is not going against anything. Heck, it’s affecting their freedom of religion. If other religions are allowed to bulid their area of worship, then why stop this one. It is actually selfish of us if we stop.


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