Megan Project 1 – Samantha Perez


This is a keychain that i have hanging from my car keys. As you can see, i have the evil eye as well as elephants which are symbolic and have quite the impact on people in the middle east. The evil eye represents a type of curse that is given to someone when another person hopes that danger or injury is brought upon them. The whole purpose for people to carry around this eye is because in religions such as hunduism, they believe in nazars, which are charms to repel any misfortune that someone might send your way. The evil eye charm is only effective when it is a dark blue color. Some people flaunt eyes that are light blue, red, yellow, or green, however, those are considered more of a fashion statement, rather than a religious symbol. The elephants have a symbolic meaning that represent strength, wisdom, and courage. It is considered a spirit animal that brings goodluck and it is a sacred animal to the people in India. Since my key chain has both the evil eye and the elephant, i believe that both of the symbols combined reinforce that although someone may be wishing me misfortune, i will always be protected, and although there may be times where i am weak, i have the strength to prosper and become a better version of myself than ever before.

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