Megan Project: Chris Orquera


Driving down to Key West with my family, we decided to stop on the Seven Mile Bridge and take some pictures. Of all the times we’d driven down to Key West, we had never really stopped and looked out at anything that wasn’t the car driving in front of us. When I looked out over the bridge, I saw this one island out there, alone. At the time I just thought it was just nice picture to take, but now I see it as an example of what could be considered sacred space for some people. Just like mountains are seen as the closest way to reach god and the heavens, I wonder about how this island could represent something similar. There was nothing surrounding it, not even a dock for boats(as far as I could see). Looking back on it, this single island could be some individuals passage to their beliefs, whether its just one god or many gods, the solitary nature of this island, to me, symbolizes how, in different religions, in order to reach your “nirvana”, you must free yourself of all sins and become one with yourself as well as your surroundings. Only then might you reach true happiness through the eyes of god.


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