Megan Project – Jasmine Bermudez


Hello, my name is Jasmine Bermudez, attached is my Megan Project picture.

This is a beautiful sunset that I took a few months ago. The story goes that I do a lot of walking around my neighborhood with my dogs and mediate, but I also love watching sunsets, its very relaxing and calming to me. I feel a deep connection with it, because the day ends and the night begins. I am a very religious person and I see life very detailed. I look at things in my way with a symbolic reason. The sunset to me symbolizes: 1. the shiny day ends but the actual day does not, 2. the sunset gives out rays of sunlight in which I find so relaxing, in which I find symbolizing the rays God sends out to us. It reminds me of the Glory of God, sending us our final rays of light, before He sends us the light of night. It also reminds me of how in religious pictures of Jesus and the Virgin Mary how rays of light shine around them, showing that they are Holy.

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