Megan project: Miguel Bonnelly

This bracelet containing the cross in it is something that is very sacred to me. I got it at a Christian Uth camp when I was about 14 years old. I took a picture of it yesterday for this project and I believe that it represents religion in many ways. The first way would obviously be in the general Christian way because it has the cross on it. We all know how common it is to see the cross at a Christian church or Christian-related actives/organizations. That symbol of the cross represents Christianity. It is a way that a Christian can identify themself as a Christian. If gives a person an identity. As I have an identity of being Christian and showing people that I am while wearing this bracelet, many people feel the same way. The other symbol that it has is that the bracelet is held by three strings. It is three strings because each string represents God in each of His forms: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This is another representation of Christianity. That’s how it represents Christianity in a general concept. Now to me, in a more specific way, when I wear this bracelet, it’s different from wearing any other bracelet. Other bracelets just go on my wrist and I would use it for fashion. But this bracelet I feel different. I feel the sacred power of representing my Lord and savior Jesus, and knowing that My Lord is always with me protecting me and guiding my steps. I feel like I have to act a certain way because I am the world that I am a Christian and I am part of an image of Christianity. When people see me and meet me, I want them to know that Jesus is inside me. I think religion is very much present in this bracelet.

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