MeganProject: A Beach Baptism

Last weekend I went on a family trip to Hallandale Beach. We decided to go bright and early in order to avoid the traffic of Labor Day weekend. Right about an hour after we got there we saw a group of people dressed in white robes. Other people wore regular clothes. The two men dressed in white robes took a man/women at a time and went to the shallowest place on the beach. From there, a prayer was said that lasted around five minutes. Afterwards, using their hands, they got water and poured it at the top of the heads while chanting a prayer. Baptism has been long regarded in the Christian faith. It signifies a path of renewal and adoption into the  Christian Church. A path of renewal is crucial because men sin everyday and baptisms are seen by the Christian Church as a way to cleanse the sins and begin a “new life” in faith and prosperity.


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