Movie Review: Black Rode – Jasmine Bermudez

Hello, my name is Jasmine Bermudez,

The movie Black Robe, is based on the year 1634, the Jesuit Missionaries are on a journey to get the natives in Quebec, Canada to understand the way of Christianity, and begin to find a Catholic mission to be with them. There was a part in the movie in which the Indians were sitting down and looking at what seemed to me that appeared to be a clock, when the bell rings the priest says its time to go, which I found symbolizing what they would call their god, the one they would look up to for answers or even meditation. While watching the movie, you can see a lot of symbolic things throughout the movie such as the purity of how they cleanse their faces, how they share the fire and how they bond together, how their paths are through canoe and it would be through the waters of nature and meditation (how I looked at it and how I interpreted it). Throughout the journey their is some romantic involvement, in which would be seen as wrong to the Jesuit priest and the Indian Chief. The Indians are strong in their own faith because they were considering the Jesuit priest to be a demon and not even a man, and even when trading gifts, the Indians would go and beat the ones who believed in Christianity. Within the movie you can see the Jesuit priest strong faith, the strong commitment he has towards showing the Indians the ways of Christianity. By the ending the Indians finally opened up and believed in the Christianity faith. I found this movie to be very interesting, in of course the way I understood it. This movie I believe could be taken in many different ways according to how you would understand it. Overall was a very symbolic and detailed movie that made you think about a lot, because I know it did to me.

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