The Dreamcatcher


Growing up, I always noticed this weird-looking object propped up on my grandmas wall. I asked her what the object was and she told me, “It’s a dreamcatcher, it catches your dreams while you sleep.” I was in awe after hearing this and always looked upon them as an interesting religious item. Dreamcatchers are recognized in many Native American cultures, often being held at high regards. The circle in the dreamcatcher represents the journey of life, from beginning to end. The web along with the hanging feathers represent a spider in its web, catching onto flies and other sorts of things that happen to pass it. Many Native Americans believe that the dreamcatcher can expel evil dreams or nightmares so that they would not occur in the physical world. My grandmother adopted this belief and never went to sleep without a dreamcatcher hovering above her head. To her, the dreamcatcher was more of a good luck charm, however it still shows very evident religious value to the Native Americans. It is like a guardian angel watching them during their slumber, protecting them from bad dreams that could effect them when they awake.

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