The Megan Project


Frantically looking for something to turn in for this project, I turn over and notice my sister laughing at me in her St. Brendan High School Uniform. That isn’t the only thing i noticed, I saw her wearing her cross necklace that was given to her about four years ago. Also the necklace has the Lords Prayer written in the circle, she was given it from my parents. That’s when it hit me, my brother also were’s a cross necklace and so do my parents. Growing up in a Catholic home we were all given a cross necklace, except i never chose to wear due to my different beliefs and lack of appeal towards promoting my “religion” to the world.

That’s what makes me wonder and its why i dedicated to choose this photo for my project. Firstly most of us are raised and brought into this world with a religion already chosen for us. I was raised in a Catholic environment, a very dominate one I might add. Most people wear things to show off or symbolize their religion, to in a way make it be known that they are part of this religion. Many people wear jewelry its the most common and easiest way to show what they are. I find that insane and bizarre that one must wear something to be “close to their god” or that it makes you a better follower in your religion. I do believe that one is aloud to think and believe what they please, but why make it known. Why does one promote their religion or wear it on themselves? I respect my family and others to wear their crosses, I mean everyone does it!  It is a dominate feature in our society and is accepted by all. It is seen everywhere you go everywhere in this world, it is something that brings all the followers of that religion together. Its one of the most common objects you will see in the casual side of the Catholic religion, cross jewelry. The only downfall in this is the new fad that people had begun with having crosses on jewelry because it was “cute” and fashion forward, and that I find offensive.


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