The Star of Life

star of life

Driving late to school today, an incoming ambulance was heading my way, at which point I made space for it to pass, but I noticed something quite interesting as it passed. 

We all, at one point or another, have probably noticed this symbol, mostly known as the “star of life”, but have we ever stop to think “what It actually means?” Incredibly enough, this symbol comes from a biblical story in the book of Numbers. It was right after the God of the bible set the Israelites free from there captivity. At this point in time, the Israelites complained about having been eating the same food every day that God was miraculously providing every morning. As a response to the Israelite’s ungratefulness, God sends poisons serpents to bite them. Finally the people ask for forgiveness and God tells Moses to place his staff on the ground so that whoever touches it would be healed from the poison. Now one can see the relation between the story and the symbol. Although it is never really confirmed where the symbol originated from, one can only speculate. Perhaps the next time you see “the star of life” you’ll see a little more than just a snake on a staff.


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