Virgin Mary in my garage

IMG_1731[1] Before I moved last year into my current house, my aunt use to live here and left many of her belongings in our garage as storage. I recently found out this week that she had left a marble statue of the virgin in the back of our washing machine. I noticed she had a long veil covering her head which represents purity and honor. I found out that Jewish women wore blue dresses, like this statue, as a sign of their virginity, which makes sense since Catholics like my aunt believe that Mary remained a virgin after giving birth to Jesus. Though I may not know much about Catholicism, looking at this statue made me realize that the Virgin must have a great significance to those who pray to her. It was unusual for me to see this figure in my garage because, unlike my aunt, I don’t pray to Mary or see her as a necessary role in my beliefs. Rather, I see her as a vessel that God used to bear Jesus, whom is the only one I worship and pray to. It’s interesting to notice how in one religion there can be many beliefs which sometimes lead to different denominations as we see today.

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