Catholic symbolism

This is something I see on my parent’s dining room table every time I visit them for dinner. They are Catholic. Although I am not religious and therefore am not teaching my daughter anything about Catholicism or Christianity, I have taught her to respect my family’s rituals by maintaing silence while they pull a card from this deck and read a prayer in spanish before eating. The symbols on the front of the deck are a cross, an angel, and grapes. The cross represents Jesus’ death and resurrection. The angel could probably be any of the three that the bible specifically talks about, but in this case it is probably representing the angel Gabriel, who works as a messenger to tell the Virgin Mary she is expecting. I think this because the deck are prayers working as messages before consuming our meal. The wine represents the embodiment of Christ’s blood as wine, because according to the bible those who “eat his flesh and drink his blood” will be “raised on the last day.”


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