The Megan Project


I found this poster  in my friend’s dorm, which she purchased at GC last year. Although she is not a Buddhist, I found it very fascinating that of all the posters she could have purchased, this is the photo displayed on her door that she encounters every single day. When I asked her why of all photos she chose this one, she responded that it made her feel peaceful and calm. Because I don’t know much about Buddhism, I decided to do a little research on the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama. The meaning of Buddha actually means one who is awakened or enlightened. I found this ironic because previous to discovering this bit of information, my friend felt a sense of peace simply by looking at the picture, and then later discovering it’s true meaning.

This shows the connection and attachment people have towards religion and spirituality, along with the comfort and ease it can provide for some people. One religious picture is enough to impact an individual and create positive energy throughout their day, regardless if they know the full history behind it.


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