The Megan Project: Wrong religion?

Wrong Religion

This photograph was taken a few weeks ago, at a regular Walgreen’s pharmacy. Among the multitude of products in this aisle, the words “Wrong religion?” stand out. This photo is representative of the Catholic influence in the United States; and the popular belief that someone who is religious is either Catholic or Christian, within the United States, and that all other religions are considered “profane” or “wrong.” Whoever may have written this question, may be facing opposition for participating in other “unorthodox” religion, which echoes thousands of years of religious persecution even in today’s progressing era. This is a clear example of religion’s heavily pronounced role in American society.

2 responses to “The Megan Project: Wrong religion?

  1. I believe this image is very powerful, in the sense that religion is very interwoven in all aspects of society. It may be, whoever was responsible, that they might have had the intention to interject such a complex question in the most unexpected place. As people are casually shopping they notice such a question and may be taken aback, may even be compelled to reflect upon their own personal beliefs. Such a question becomes ingrained into the minds of people, who may not necessarily agree with the vast amount of cosmologies, across the globe, and interpretations thereof . Such a question may induce the skepticism of other religious doctrines, and inevitably its effect is observed in social issues, and even in the political sphere. An example of this is the unfortunate, contemporary stereotype of Muslims and Islam, labeling the former as terrorists and the latter as an institution that breeds terrorism and savage violence. Both statements couldn’t be more false, yet Islam is still regarded, by some, as the “wrong religion.”


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