Black Rope Review

I found the movie Black Rope very captivating because it teaches a few lessons and the ending was not at all what I was expecting. While the missionaries tried their best to convert the Indians from the beginning, it seemed like it was impossible because they(the Indians) were all very much opposed to Father LaForgue’s teaching, thinking that he is “the demon” as they referred to him. While the Indians does not have much, they lived very well with one another by sharing every thing they have and always seem to be having a great time together.  Daniel, the other missionary, had a conversation with Father LaForgue  questioning him about the two different religions and why is one better than another. I believed he wanted to be able to explain to his lover why Christianity is best.  To me, one of the best scenes was when the Indians along with Daniel left Father LaForgue in a small island all by himself and instead of complaining and asking God why this is happening, he prayed to God saying that he is will to suffer for his God which reminded me of Jesus whom suffered a lot. The ending was not what I expected because although they converted, everyone ended up dying.


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