Samantha Perez: St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church

For my Site visit, i had the opportunity to attend a Sunday Mass at a catholic church near The Rhodes. I did not go with anyone in particular because i felt as though it would give me more of an opportunity to pay closer attention to the details of what was going on around me. I dressed business casual, as did everyone else who was attending the Mass out of respect to the members of the church. When the doors opened of the church, i didn’t really know what to expect, i had somewhat of an idea just from what i have seen in movies or from what i was told by a few friends who go to church every so often, but its safe to say that i was a bit anxious. Once i finally entered, i saw the stained glass windows and a fairly large cross with Jesus Christ on it. I wanted to keep an open mind to what i was about to experience. I picked a seat close to the front so i could witness everything with a clear view. In front of each seat was a small pocket with contained a book with all the songs that the choir was singing and the prayers that were being told by the priest, which i found very convenient so that i was able to follow along easily so there wasn’t a time that i felt excluded from what was being said.
After about an hour, the priest began to pass around a basket where people were putting money to give as donations to the church. I studied in particular, the emotion and passion of those that were sitting around me and of those that were putting money into the basket. The amount per person varied, but you can tell that some people were extremely invested into the church and practicing their religion. The service itself was long and filled with stories of Jesus and his disciples, it was also full of song and prayer. The atmosphere was were joyful and caring because i was welcomed into a what others thought of as a sacred place. I was as respectful as possible and glad that i was able to participate in this service.

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