Site Visit: United Church of Christ

Coming from an Orthodox Jewish family I was extremely nervous when I first attended the United Church of Christ in Coral Gables. I grew up in a dominantly Jewish neighborhood in the city of Aventura. Growing up I attended an all Jewish school, where I mostly learned about Judaism. The majority of my friends are Jewish, just like me, and have the same traditions as I do. So, I was never too familiar with Christianity, let alone, reform Christianity. Although, I was aware that some Christians believe the Jews murdered Jesus Christ. This made the thought of entering a Church incredibly uncomfortable. At my old school, I took a class solely based on the Holocaust and anti-semitism. I even travelled all the way to Poland with my fellow classmates to visit the original concentration camps and see the gruesome sites first hand. Throughout history, Jews have always been familiar with discrimination and hate. But, when I entered the Sunday service at the United Church of Christ, I didn’t feel that way at all. The church was enthusiastic and kind to me, even though they knew I was an outsider, they treated me like one of their own. I was surprised at their willingness to accept me and not let me feel left out. Overall, this site visit experience opened my eyes to exploring different religions and learning about other rituals and customs other than my own.


2 responses to “Site Visit: United Church of Christ

  1. Susan, for your -journal entry- you just had to talk about your personal experience. I posted the instructions on blackboard. Your post instead is answering the questions you need to address for you site-visit final paper/project. Read the instructions. Email me if you have questions.


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