Stefano Parodi/The Lighthouse Church: Site Visit

I have never been to a church, but for this visit i decided to go to a church near my house, “The Lighthouse Church”, even though i am not a religious person, it was rather easy to enter this church since it was open to everyone.  I would drive past this church every day on my way to school, and it never even crossed my mind to go in it or to get to know what it was all about. People who attend this church are mainly Christians. Im not a very religious person, but i do believe that everyone has the right to believe in what they want. Personally i don’t need to pray to a god or ask for forgiveness. The only thing i believe in is myself. Its very different to go and experience how other people see life in their house and how they worship a “GOD” that to me is nothing. Regardless of what they believe in they are very normal people like me, they work, some study, have families, sports, watch Netflix; they are normal people. Now all they talked about was god, to me this was very boring, but as i looked around many people were intrigued by the conversations; to them this is their  community, they go there and let things out, they get to be themselves, its a safe place. At any given point i never felt excluded from what they were doing, even though i had no idea most of the time, i felt part of it.  In my situation if i wanna let things out i talk to my best friend and go to the gym, try to figure out why i feel the way i feel and move on from there. This church has a very welcoming ambience; everyone is smiling, music is playing, laid back, and good teaching; this all sounds very good to a christian but to me there is nothing attractive about a 70 minute service where they talk about “GOD” to me its a waste of time considering i could be doing something that could benefit me more. Regardless of my opinion of the worship of god in the religion of Christianity, this religion and its process seems to have a great effect on its believers. I know many people that put their total faith into “GOD” or what they believe in and it seems to make them feel better. I am in total agreement that if what you believe in makes you feel better and have a better life than one should not stop what they are doing because of what other people believe or want you to believe. There is so much ignorance in this world were people want others to change what they believe in because they think is wrong. Mind your own business and do you, nothing good comes out of you trying to change other people specially when they are happy. This visit, regardless of me having no interest, made me realize that it has a huge impact on some people and that one can’t judge someone by their religion, because in the end everyone is the same.


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