The Mosque in the eyes of the Agnostic

As obviously stated in my title I went to a Musllim Mosuqe, a place that has supposebly nothing to do with the religion I was brought up by(Catholic). When I attended this sacred location for prayer I was immediatley met with many rules that are far from my personal realm of belief; such as praying five times a day on a Friday. As I entereed this Mosque I was unsure of what to do so I started by just trying to enter the same way males enter. In this religion males are actually seperate from the females so as to not be tempted; it was actually explained to me that this is why females wear a head dress, to cover their hair that is considered to be the most tempting part of their body. Honestly the point of this entire religious practice is to be pure, in sex, in beliefs and in desires. The Muslim practice is to pray in a hall, or a sacred spot where they all sit or kneel(based o age) in front of the Imam(‘preacher). The folk of this religioin are required to pray five times a day on Fridays to Allah, which is what they call their almighty God. They believe that Allah is the most powerful being to ever exist which is actually why they do not hold any religious symbols to embody Him, because nothing compairs to his greatness. The individuals of this religion are wholey dedicated to it; as I experienced while in prayer women normally to not paint their nails or face, or sit with males, or even show much skin just to respect and trust in Allah. During prayer I noticed how they rarely spoke, or how they would kneel and kiss the floor during the time the imam was preaching in song. The religion as a whole I can vouche is undeniably misunderstood. The Muslim can not be classified by hatred and terrorism, it is not the fault of an entire population what one group choose to do. It is not in their belief to harm those that do not share their thoughts or stance, it is quite the opposite actually. While speaking to the Imam who was gracious enough to give us his time, I became aware of the fact that there are some beliefs held that just seem surreal to me. Their belief is that heaven is much larger than Earth and that when you get there you will have all the same confort held in current life just amplified by at least a hundred. I went to prayer on 9/11, a day that is significant to the U.S. as well as the Muslim culture. On this day during prayer sorrow was expressed for those that perished and for the stereotype that soon after plagued their people. This culture served to show me, and amplify the thought, that everything is what you make it, one cannot judge on simple facts, you have to dive deep into the individual to get an even semi-accurate answer. I give all of my respect and admiration for those that dedicate theselves to this reigion because it sure is no walk in the park.


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  1. Sorry for posting my journal as a comment. I had some issues with posting on the blog and wanted to submit it some how. My name is Nicole Toussaint, I went to a Catholic Church. When I first found out about the site visit project, I was extremely indecisive with picking a religion and site to go to. It was difficult for me to choose, considering that my family and I are not religious people. I looked up the closest religious sites in my area, the one I went to ended up being a Catholic Church building next to a school in the city of Coral Gables. The Church was located at 2711 Indian Mound Trail and was called “The Church of the Little Flower.” At first I did some online research to find out more about the Church. I have a couple of friends that are catholic, so I have heard how some masses are as well as the appropriate clothing. I wore a long dress with a sweater on top to the mass on Sunday. I decided to attend the mass with my friend so I wouldn’t feel completely uncomfortable not knowing what to expect. I was very nervous. The church was decorative. It made me feel little since it was so large. It has colored windows scattered along the top front of the Church, along with statues. It had numerous rows from the front to the back. There was a choir and books behind the seats. At the front above the table and steps was an enormous cross with columns on the side. I ended up sitting a few rows back so that I can analyze everything and not stand out as much. The priest entered along with several others he was wearing a long green and gold robe. The people attending were dressed casual some nice. They appeared to be stuck up to me. The crowed was mixed with elders and families. As the mass went on the choir would sing, the priest was standing majority of the time reading and saying stories more like lessons for us to follow in the way of Jesus. I was able to follow along rather easily because inside the book some of what was being said was inside. There were also different people besides the priest that spoke. As well as two different times when they asked for donations later on in the mass. I also realized how everyone was really engaged in the mass especially during prayer and when they went up to the front of the church. There was also some moments of silence. The entire ceremony was about 45 minutes to an hour and was all in English. The ceremony was long. I did feel a little bit out of place towards the end, not knowing of what to do exactly. I followed my friend as well as everyone in the church and went with the flow out of respect for the sacred space. I did ease up towards the end. Overall, it was definitely an experience for me. I was happy I went and did not go alone.

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