The Rock Miami – Eduin Turcios

As my site visit I decided to attend a Christian church called “The Rock Church” which is located not so far from FIU. The reason why I decided to go here is because one of my dad’s friend invited him to church, and I thought to myself that this would be a perfect opportunity to visit a religious place. On the day of the service I began to question myself whether I had to dress up or just wear casual cloth, I decided to dress up since whenever I watch a movie and a church scene comes on I see everybody dressed up nice. As we entered the building I saw that a good part of the audience were pretty young, maybe around my age.

A man came up to us and greeted us in such a polite way and guided us to our seats. The first thing I noticed was that the majority were dressed casual (T-shirt, Jeans, sneakers) and I came in here dressed like a pastor. The service started by the band on stage playing worship songs, I looked around and I saw many people closing their eyes, lifting their hands, and singing along with the band. When the band finished their songs, a young looking guy went up to the stage and began to welcome everybody and give out a few announcements.

After the announcements he said a quick prayer and began to preach. It was interesting to see someone so young in the alter preaching, I usually thought the ones who preach were old men who had years of knowledge. The message of the preaching was about the meaning of the cross, the message caught my attention and it was interesting to know how Jesus gave up his life for our salvation, and how he was hanged on the cross so our sins can be forgiven. As he was finishing his message the lights began to dim down and the band started playing really low and soft.

He asked the question “If someone all their life talked bad about you, mistreated you, and denied you, would you still die for them?” The question was pretty easy to answer, in my mind I was like “heck no!” but then he said that Jesus did just that. He died for all of us for the love he has for us, even if we deny him, hate him, or believe he’s not real, he would still love us. His answer made me realize that I’ve never heard of a greater love than that, and it was something that in a way touched me. He asked if there’s anybody in the room that never received Christ as their lord and savior, to answer his question I raised my hand. He asked that the people who raised their hands to repeat a prayer to accept Christ.

I was nervous for the fact that I didn’t know what I was doing and as I repeated the prayer I focused on the words and it basically was me repenting for my sin and recognizing that Jesus came to earth to die for my sins. After the service, the guy who preached came up to me and introduced himself, his name was Jerry. We spoke for a good while, and I learned the prayer that I repeated was the prayer of salvation in which you’re then considered a “Christian” we wrapped up our conversation and he invited me to come back next week. I thought to myself “did I really just became Christian?” my family was waiting for me and they seemed to enjoy it. I might take his offer and come back next week to learn more about Christianity.

One response to “The Rock Miami – Eduin Turcios

  1. Good post Eduin, is this your first time in a Christian Church? if yes continue your journey. If not you may want to consider going to a site that uses a different scripture so that you truly experience the “other.”


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