Site Visit

For my site visit I have choose to visit a catholic Church called Saint John XXIII Catholic Parish Church. One reason that i wanted to visit this site was that I wanted to find more about the catholic religion. This church is named after pope Angelo Roncalli. He fought the world war I and then later became a spiritual leader.

As entering the church the first thing that it reminded was when I was eleven years old and was in Canadian cathedral. It was very silent and peaceful. As i look around it has brown benches and have windows with color pictures. This peaceful atmosphere makes me always comment in my mind, what a great place to read book or study.

As the night started people started to enter and they wore formal clothes. while i was in my jeans and t shirt. As people entered they started to stare at me which was weird. But soon i realized that i was supposed to dress nicely. This was different from my hindu temples. At hindu temple we wear anything you want and just go there to pray and ring bells. The schirch prayer was more organized. Hindu temples there are bells ringing and kind a loud. The both church and the temples they light up things such as candle for church and a “devo” a fire for hindu temple. Apart from me dressing anomaly, thought it was really cool and nice to see some prayer and a peaceful church.

Viraj Makavana

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