Site Visit- Church

I recently visited the Church, Santa Marta for a funeral. I had been to a few different Churches a few times prior. I once went for my friends First Communion, however, it was nothing like this. The name of the priest who gave the service was Wilfredo Contreras. At first when I walked in I couldn’t help but notice all of the glass window art, it portrayed beautiful images. The main wall contained a cross and towards the right had a fountain. In the beginning of the service the pastor began talking about the the holy trinity, which I had prior knowledge of. The, towards the end of the service people pulled out what seemed to be a low bench from the bench in front of them and began to kneel on their knees. They kissed their fingers and made a cross figure with their fingers by moving them up and down their face and from side to side. I admit I was a little uncomftorable due to the fact that I had no idea what they were doing and why they were doing it but then I sat and observed and thought it was spectacular. Then, everyone stood up and lined up. Next thing I know I see the pastor give everyone one by one what appeared to be a cracker. I later learned that they are supposed to put the cracker in their mouth and let it melt. I found the whole ceremony very interesting, like nothing I had ever seen before. It was absolutely beautiful and a great experience (under bad circumstances of course). Hopefully my next site visit will be more joyful!

P.S sorry for the late submission, I had a hard time figuring out WordPress

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