Site Visit Journal: Old Cutler Presbyterian Church

During my site visit, at Old Cutler Presbyterian Church, I saw many things that i would have never expected to have seen at a church. This was my first time visiting a church due to the fact that my family is not religious, my dad is more into scientific ideals, and my mom has never really had a belief. I imagined i would just walk in and see people, and a pastor, and hear things about Jesus all day. Quite the opposite, is what i saw. i walked into the lobby of the church and saw a welcome desk, an upstairs room for sound and tech, and a downstairs area for the choir to practice, rooms for prayer, etc. Across the campus there was a Spanish church service, a bookstore, a youth group building across the street, and a pre-school. This let me see that there was a lot more than just a room and preaching.

When the service started there was a period where we were supposed to greet each other, and become social with one another, then the church proceeded with some contemporary music which was different than what I thought would happen, like hymn singing etc. After the singing there was a sermon that lasted about 20 minutes, and also the sacraments, the wine for the blood and bread for the body, which also was new to me. After the service was done, the church held a luncheon for all the members, and since my boyfriend is a member I was allowed to attend, where I met the pastor and he explained how he became a pastor, etc. Then we left after the luncheon, this was a truly great experience for myself, because I really believe I felt different when I left, a somewhat lifted feeling, and now I plan to regularly attend church service with my boyfriend.

-Stephany Quiroz


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