St.Benedict Church Experience Pt.1 by Karen Cordoves

Hello, my name is Karen Cordoves, and l was brought up by my friends and family as to being Catholic. I did my communion, very young by the age of Seven. At that moment, l had to attend classes and know all the prayers. Basically, l really didn’t know what was going. I just know that l hated waking up early on a Saturday, to attend the classes and mass. After l finished my communion, l basically never went back. My family got busy that l don’t even remember going to mass. Maybe it was around once every two or three years. Family members would invite us, and we wouldn’t go. To be honest, it was the last thing on my mind. As l got older, for some reason, l just started believing in mostly everything. I mean why not? Why do we have to choose one religion and stick to it, and live by it? I didn’t know what l believed in half of the time, until l realized that why not believe in a little bit of everything? I started going to gatherings at different temples, and experiencing different masses. My mom had experiences with Buddhism, and the Chinese culture, and I’ve grown to like it, the more she would tell me little things here and there. I was undecided on this project because l didn’t know what l wanted to visit. I didn’t know what to truly give my opinion on, until l decided to choose the old church l would go to when l was six or seven years old. Yes, l chose Catholicism, due to the fact that l didn’t practice anything throughout my teen years until present, and l wasn’t really involved. The Catholic Church l visited is named “St. Benedict” which is in Hialeah.It’s a common church due to all latinos around that area. I haven’t gone to where l sit through the mass but l went and visited, to get all sorts of information. I went on an afternoon which was tremendously unoccupied. I had gone dressed formally, with nice dress pants, and a covered up blouse. When l entered, l felt a deja vu of when l was there doing my communion. I entered, and it was completely empty. You could hear the sound of my shoes on the wood floor, as l was walking. I just sat there for a couple of minutes, until a woman that handles the front desk behind the church came up to me. She was wondering if l needed some help. It was very comforting and l didn’t feel awkward nor unwanted. I took some pictures, just in case of anything. I followed the woman inside her office and she gave me a list of the schedule for the week for the events that they have. As l said thank you, she kindly smiled back and told me “Ill see you in mass this Sunday”. This was my experience the first time in many years that l visit St. Benedict. Until next time classmates, where l will be posting my second site experience.

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