Movie Review “Black Robe” by Karen Cordoves

Black Robe is a film that begins with the engagement of one day become Quebec City. Jesuit missionaries are trying to encourage the local Algonquin Indians to embrace Christianity, and with more results. The founder of the settlement, sends Father Laforgue a very young Jesuit priest to find a distant Catholic mission in Huron village. Non Jesuit assistant Daniel accompanies LaForgue on this journey, and a group of Algonquin Indians who guide them to the Huron village. Priests basically had a high standard of knowledge of Christianity, and the French believed that they only way to convert the Indians, would be the people closest to God. The French and the natives actually had a lot of things in common, for instance chanting sons during their ceremonies. They might be different, but it is the same concept when you’re talking about religious beliefs. I found the movie interesting, because the thought of trying to convert a group of people with their own beliefs, and customs and culture, its actually hard to do. The natives didn’t take anything serious, constantly, joking around. Daniel’s Laforgue;s assistant fell in love with a native girl, and that was quite interesting. There is a scene withers Jesuit priest is talking to natives or actually convincing, letting them know the outstanding glory of switching to Catholicism. As l stated before, the Natives believed in whatever and who ever they wanted to believe it. They were known as “savages” because they weren’t into the Christian religion or faith. In conclusion, this movie was interesting, but very different.


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