Journal Entry Site Visit

For this assignment, I decided to visit a local church near Florida International University.  Though I am not Christian, it has been years since I have ever stepped foot inside of one, seeing that I’d only gone once with a friend and her family. But this was a different church than what I’d been exposed to.  The previous church I attended was a Pentecostal church and they had their own way of worship and preaching.  It was very loud and expressive in its worship.  Even during the message, the crowd would applaud as the pastor preached with vigor and passion. But as I further explain you will see how this church came nowhere near my expectations.  The name of the church I visited was Christ and King Anglican Church. I assumed it would be like all the ways social media and the entertainment industry has portrayed it, however I never honestly thought it would have had an impact on me in the way that did.

Prior to arriving at the church, my biggest concern regarded attire.  To the previous church I had attended, I had not dressed up and was rather surprised to see everyone dressed in suits, beautiful dresses, and enormous hats. However, I was told for this church I did not need to dress so fancily, so I was rather perplexed. I decided to just wear a sweater and jeans to my visit to the church. As I entered the church, my biggest fear was rejection. Although the few people I encountered appeared welcoming, I was nervous that for whatever reason, I would stand out and people would know I was not a part of the Christian community. As I stood there clueless as to what I was supposed to do, I approached a greeter and explained my interest in observing a way of life I have never been exposed to. I was kindly welcomed, and told to sit anywhere I pleased.

As the service started and the choir began to sing I noticed that the music was at a much lower decibal than the  Pentecostal church I attended.  The members of the congregation where very calm and tranquil,  some even seated. As I listened to the pastor and speaker begin the ceremony’s introduction, I began to observe the interior design of the church. Although I have always seen pictures of churches through the internet and media, I was very intrigued by the beauty that the church had. The overall positive energy of the crowd was very calming and very optimistic. I began less to worry if people would question my presence, and began to actually enjoy the ceremony for what it had to offer. While listening to the pastor speak of Christianity, I began to absorb the information and content he was giving to the crowd and could see the love everyone was sharing. He kept emphasizing the importance of a strong relationship with Jesus Christ.

Something that stuck most in my mind was a good Samaritan challenge given to the audience that comprised of  7 days of doing a good deed towards others. Although I don’t intend to returning a visit in the near future, I would like to carry out this challenge and apply it to my life.

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