MOVIE: LUTHER – Sacred Symbol, Ritual and Scriptures

Part 1

Part 2

Think about the following questions as you watch the movie.

Why was there a negative reaction when Luther was clumsy during his first mass? 


What does Luther realize after his visit to Rome? Why is Rome a “circus”?


How was the symbolism of saints and indulgences corrupted? 


What kind of student was Luther? 

How are Indulgences a Comfort for people?

What is the worst punishment that the Catholic Church can impart to its members?

 What effect did his message have on the people of the time?

Why can’t a suicidal person be buried in the cemetery?


How does Luther find the  “merciful” and loving God he was looking for? 

Why are indulgences important for the Church?

Why was it so dangerous to write the Bible in German? 

What does Spalatin mean when he tells Luther “Welcome to the world of politics”? What does politics have to do with the Church?

What are the pros and cons of one universal leader deciding what is beneficial for the Church?

Why was it so important that Luther revoked his writings?

What is more important for Luther and for the church, orthodoxy (right belief) or orthopraxy (correct practice or conduct). 

What is the source of religious authority for Luther? 

How does ritual serve as a form of catharsis? 

Luther maintained that he was not against the Church, but what was he protesting against? 

Why was Luther excommunicated? 

What are some of the consequences of Luther’s new interpretation? 

What did Luther write his 95 theses?


3 responses to “MOVIE: LUTHER – Sacred Symbol, Ritual and Scriptures

  1. Luther held high expectations for Rome itself, even after being bothered by the luxurious living, the loose morals, and the lack of interest in spiritual things among the monks they visited. Throughout his stay in Rome, Luther learned a little Hebrew along with taking some Greek lessons from a refugee from Constantinople. It seemed as if the more Luther saw of the city, the more his reference for Rome “turned to loathing”. The month that Luther spent there was detrimental to his later life and he never forgot what he went through and saw while in the “holy city”.


    • I agree that Luther lived in a Luxurious lifestyle, but he saw past many of those thing and opposed the hypocrisy that was going on in the Church and wanted restore the Church to a pure state. Many saw the “revolutionary” in Luther and you can see that many tried to oppose his views. I also see Luther as a very dynamic character as he is able to stop the people from destroying the Church by dressing up a night and being able to save the church. Luther also translating the Bible into German which helped lead to The Protestant Reformation which spread the religion, but the consequences of the Reformation was many rebellions and wars including the “Thirty Years Wars” which devastated many of Germanys population.


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