John Perez: Luther Movie Review

– Indulgences were important for the church because it allowed them to keep control over the common people. People would buy indulgences and give the church money thinking God will forgive them or a loved one for all their sins. When Hanna showed Martin the indulgence she bought for her child, he told her it didn’t mean anything and that it was just a piece of paper. Martin’s works were against indulgences so the people stopped buying them. The church became angry because they were losing money and losing control over the people, which was the reason for indulgences in the first place.

– When the cardinals were talking about Martin, they said him writing in German instead of Latin is his sword. The common people are unable to read Latin, which did not allow them to read the scriptures for themselves. Now written in German, Luther allowed the common people to read for themselves about what was going on instead of just listening to what the church said and having to obey. It was dangerous for the church because they felt like they were becoming divided since Martin was apparently a heretic and so many people were able to read his work and support him.

– The source of religious authority for Martin is simply the scriptures and the word of God. During his trial he said too many times he has seen the pope and councils contradict themselves and have now become tyrants over the faithful. Martin sees the scriptures as the authority and not the priests who read them.

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