Are God/Gods a Part of Human Error??

Megan Project #2

Is the idea of God a way to accommodate for human nature/error? I ask this because, in anthropology, one of the things we study is the origins of the world. During this study I read 4 different stories of how the world was created. All of them consisted of some type of god/gods creating humans out of their own selfish needs. In the origin story, I attached specifically for this project, tells the story of origin from the Yoruba perspective. A young God by the name of Obatala wanted to create dry land for the creatures living below them, so he asked permission from the two supreme Gods Olorun and Olokun if this could be done. They said yes and sent Obatala down to create “earth”. While drunk Obatala created what he believed to be people, out of mud and asked Olorun to breathe life into these “beautiful creatures” and he did. Upset that they were not “beautiful” as well as being upset she was not consulted of the making of these creatures, Olokun began to flood the earth until Eshu brought a sacarfice from the deformed people to make the flooding stop. Banned to the outskirts of the land, the deformed people were forced to make their own civilization and reproduce amongst each other.

In this story along with others, the world seems to be created out of human error, from the Mayan God “heart of sky” creating people strictly to worship him, to the Chinese god Pangu, creating the world to separate god and evil (yin and yang). All of the origin stories display gods creating the world out of error. So I ask, why do we worship god/gods in this perfect image but yet they are far from perfect? Why do we put God/gods on such high pedestals when they make/made mistakes just like regular humans? These questions of human nature tend go hand in hand with the Hindi belief of Brahman, we are God and God is us would be one of the more logical explanation to why humans were essentially created through human error and why things such as natural disasters and disease exist. Because if God/gods were perfect like religions want us to believe then things like these shouldn’t be happening, but if humans are indeed God’s then human error is human nature within itself making things like disasters and disease seem simply a part of the circle of life.

Yoruba Perspective:

Mayan Perspective:

Chinese Perspective:

Cydnei Nettles

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