My Own Lucky Cat

I am on my way to school when I look over to my cars dashboard and smile at my cute lucky cat. He’s my little good luck charm given to me by one of my best friends. That’s when it hit me, in Japan this is seen as good luck charm or a talisman. A Maneki-neko means beckoning cat, in the Japaneses culture they are a symbol that is meant to bring good luck to the owner of the cat. Most of us have noticed them in Japanese restaurants, they are another talisman like the cute fat Buddhas that we rub their belly for good luck.

As we see in most religions and in ways of life in different cultures, everyone has their own symbols with their own meanings. This figurine may not be directly linked towards religions, but with its many folklore’s and beliefs it is viewed as something you can worship or look up too. Unlike most Japanese, this little guy is simple my guardian angle for my crazy driving endeavors.

20151001_115912 (1)

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