REL3308 MeganProject Kenneth Leon

This is a picture of a cross in my friends house. This is a religious Christian/Catholic symbol that symbolizes belief, hope, and the fear of God. They have this here to protect the from the sins and from evil as well. I found it interesting that they have this here and is why I picked it. They also have bibles around the house but have always been intrigued by this cross here. My friends say that they feel safe at all time and touch the cross if they need to feel secure. They are Christian and this is something that they take very serious. I do feel very secure in this home and could be due to the presence of the cross being where it is at in the house. It is basically in the middle of the house and is something that means a lot to them. They are religious and attend church about 3 Sundays of the month. They believe that their actions have repercussions whether they are bad or good depending on what you do. You are supposed to do whatever you’re calling was ordered by God or Christ himself and will find out what this is as you get farther in life. Also you should be aligned in the right path and always do good deeds. Im also Chrisitian and believe in these principles, morals and beliefs.


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