330 Million Gods Movie Review- Ariel Fuentes

Watching this movie i was so intrigued by their way of life and their broad spectrum of Gods. At the very beginning Ronald Eyre asks the man he if there is a God contained inside the clay images of the God. With this the man explains that the clay images simply act as pointers that represent the God. “If i want to point to something like this…[demonstrates pointing] How long should i keep my finger like this? As long as you have not seen the object, but as soon as you have seen the object i remove my finger.” Once you have acknowledged the God, the clay image has served it’s purpose. The clay image has acted as the educational toy to guide you to the given God. The clay images, these symbols, are ‘disposable Gods’ and they are worshiped, but what they represent is not disposable. These images are tools to connect to your God.

Ronald Eyre asks the man ” What is God? You’re not going to tell me it is any one of these people… you’re not going to say it is any of these sub Gods” to this the man replies ” There are many different stages of belief” in which the highest is Brahman.The man also explains that “God is not in a hurry”, it can take lifetimes to reach the highest stages of belief. It is later explained in the documentary that “there is nobody beyond Hinduism, everyone is Hindu” which ties in to the fact that Hindu is not a religion, it is a philosophy. But hearing this it also reminded me of Brahman, in which there is not duality, no separation. Everyone is Hindu and Hindu is everyone. You are Brahman, this oneness and unity. There is not 1 god because of Brahman, there are 330 million different expressions of 1 main universal God. This plurality is important because you can not define one ultimate god because every creature is an embodiment of a God hence the large amount of Gods. Brahman is in everything.

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