Megan Project

As l was leaving the store, I was behind a white Expedition SUV. This of course is not a random car, it is my best friends mom’s car. We were all together until we decided to get in our own car. When l zoomed in, l noticed that the back of the windshield. it had 6 rosaries. You usually find one or even two in a car. For the first time in 6 years that i’ve know my best friend and her family, i’ve never noticed the car of her mom with all these rosaries. The first question that popped into my head was “Why so many of them?”. I immediately texted my friend and asked her about the rosaries. I think she felt awkward due to the fact that this was a random question. Minutes later, she wrote back with her mom’s response. I’am not sure, whether she had known all along or she asked her mom that very second, l asked the question. Her mom believes that the more rosaries she has, the better. What on earth does that mean? She said that she feels connected to god, with everything that represents rosaries. She carries one in her purse, inside her car and the stickers on the back of her windshield. She also believes that no one should feel embarrassed just because they have so much of everything; for instance 6 rosaries instead of only one. Her career requires driving all the time to patient’s house to take their blood pressure, cholesterol and much more. She is usually most of the time in the car, and she feels secured and safe. I was surprised when she told me, because I’ve known her for so long and never truly noticed. It put a smile on my face knowing that my friend’s mom believes strongly in what she believes in. IMG_1252

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