Luther Movie Review

This movie was very interesting, I thought that Father Martin had some issues with his faith but on his journey to Rome and Wittenberg he discovered some interesting things about his religion. He doesn’t believe that it is right to have to go and pay to see the ancient relics. Luther doesn’t believe it is right for the people that do not pay their respects to the ancient relics (because they cant afford it) will suffer in purgatory. These indulgences pay for the priests and the church, which is why they are important. Luther was protesting the act of indulgences, he thought that the way they were being done were wrong. He thought it was “false advertisement” if you will. The church was basically charging the people for a “ticket” to salvation, which should not have a price tag at all. Luther thought it was more worthy of a man or woman who helped those in need have a better chance at salvation than those who payed their way in.


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