Megan Project By Karen Cordoves

IMG_1261 copy

I noticed that l never did a descriptive Megan project on this photo above! This is actually the wrist of my boyfriend who has had this red bracelet, for around two years or so. I remember asking him who gave you the bracelet or why you bought it, and he mentioned that it was his mom who thought or still thinks that having a red bracelet will keep evil eyes, evil spirits away. In the Spanish language it’s called “Los malos ojos” meaning the bad eyes. She wants him to wear this bracelet so the evil eyes of other people won’t do harm to him. What she means by that, as him letting him strive for whatever he wants. She doesn’t want him to fail because other people have wished him bad luck or even worse. This bracelet has to be on the left wrist always so people can see it. If you lose the bracelet or it breaks especially; she claims that it was meant to be. That it carried a lot of bad influences and bad luck that it broke. Wearing would only do harm, so it’s better to buy a new one and have 7 little ties on them.

One response to “Megan Project By Karen Cordoves

  1. I see this everywhere to, and just like you, i never really understood what it meant until my uncle told me. I always wondered… what does a fish have to do with anything about Jesus. But, I just didn’t know the deeper meaning to it.

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